What’s Causing The Brown Spots On My Lawn?

Brown spots on your lawn can feel like an insult. After all the care that you’ve poured into your lawn, how could it turn brown on you? Don’t give up hope! All you have to do is identify the culprit and put your lawn back on track for full, green perfection.

Pets are cute, but their urine can cause brown spots in your lawn

Pet Patches

Is pet urine making your grass polka-dotted? Pet urine is acidic and full of compounds that can weaken or even kill grass. Make sure you water your lawn weekly to dilute urine concentrations in the soil. Due to the high levels of nitrogen it urine it’s important to be careful with fertilizer. Too much nitrogen will burn your grass. Use a slow-release option, like compost, and only fertilize once or twice a year.

Sprinkler Woes

Have you checked your sprinklers lately? Poor sprinkler adjustment can create voids and overlaps in the spray pattern. Any patch of grass that’s getting too much or too little water can turn brown. Place a few flat-bottomed cans, like tuna cans, on both brown and healthy grass patches. Run your sprinklers, then compare the can water levels. Adjust your sprinklers accordingly.

Mold Rings

Are the patches spreading in circles with smoky rims you can see in the morning? This is likely brown patch, a mold that thrives in nitrogen-heavy, compacted soil. Unless your lawn is heavily damaged, conservative treatment is the best plan. Stick to slow-release fertilizers and keep your lawn mowed. Have your lawn aerated, and make sure you’re only watering your lawn once a week.

These grubs eat your grass roots and cause brown spots in your lawn

Bug Buffets

Did the brown patches suddenly start in the spring or fall? Check to see if the grass in those spots roll up easily, like carpeting. If it does, you probably have white grubs feeding on your grass’s roots. Grubs love moisture, so dial back your watering schedule to one inch, once a week. Treat your lawn with milky spore to take care of your unwelcome guests.

Still have brown spots? Call the professionals!

If you’re having trouble getting your lawn green again, consider calling in the cavalry. A professional lawn care service can baby your grass back to health. Visit our homepage for more information or call us at (856) 375-1340.

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