Waging a War on the Crabgrass & Weeds in Your Lawn

You probably don’t need to be told about how the presence of crabgrass greatly detracts from the visual appeal of your lawn. In fact, you – like a lot of people – may be planning on getting out and attacking these pesky weeds this year as soon as you see them. This will finally be the year of the crabgrass-free lawn! But unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Most people treat crabgrass and other weeds on a see-it-then-treat-it basis, waiting for signs of weeds in their yard before choosing a plan of action. But this reactionary method for treating your lawn keeps you a step behind the weeds, allowing them to spread more seed that germinates after treatment, keeping you in an endless loop of playing catch-up.

The truth is, by the time you see the crabgrass, you’re already way late for the war.

Why is Crabgrass so hard to get rid of? Crabgrass is the enemy!

Since crabgrass is an annual weed with a short lifespan, it spreads more seeds than other weeds in order to populate as quickly and densely as possible. In fact, each plant is responsible for spreading THOUSANDS of seeds each year.

Post-emergent weed sprays will work on the crabgrass plant itself, but the seeds will still be unaffected. They’ll continue their normal growth cycle, and you’ll soon see more crabgrass popping up – a big “F U” (Focused Uprising) in spite of your hard work and effort.

What’s more, these seeds can go years in the soil before germinating. So even when the plant dies in the fall, the seeds remain for the next growing season.

What’s the best plan of attack?

The problem is clear – the sheer amount of seeds produced by crabgrass means that it can pop up anytime during warm weather. The solution directly addresses this.

The single best thing you can do to keep your lawn healthy and free from crabgrass and other weeds is to apply a pre-emergent herbicide that kills seeds before they germinate. (Though we always recommend using organic products when possible, there are no proven-effective organic treatments for crabgrass pre-emergence.)

Let us help.

As part of the first step in our 6-Step Hybrid Lawn Care Program, we apply a pre-emergent treatment in order to prevent crabgrass, dandelion, and clover from infesting your lawn. This all-important first application sets the tone for your lawn for the entire year, paying dividends to those smart enough to think ahead.

And remember, the best natural defense against crabgrass is always a dense and healthy lawn.

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