DIY Mosquito Control

Spring is here and it won’t be long before we are swatting at those annoying mosquitos in our yard. With mosquito season coming fast it’s time to prepare so you can prevent them from breeding on your property. But how do you do that? To prevent mosquitos you need to understand mosquitos and their breeding cycles. With these DIY mosquito control tips, you should see a drastic decrease in the number of mosquitos you encounter.

Citronella Candles

Tried and true, citronella candles are a staple of any back yard barbecue to ensure these buzzing pests don’t ruin your special occasion. But these candles only work for a short period of time and unless you want your guests huddled around a small candle, it’s not the most ideal method.

Eliminate Standing Water

This is the most effective way of driving down the mosquito population. Female mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water. In just 3 short days the eggs will hatch and in less than 2 weeks they will emerge as adults, ready to feed. Take standing water out of the equation and mosquitos can’t breed. But standing water isn’t just limited to birdbaths, ponds, and other water features. Animal waterers, old tires, potholes, areas of pooling water, rain gutters, and tree holes can all hold enough water after it rains to produce a new generation of mosquitos. Do yourself a favor and empty out all standing water from your property. You could even enlist the help of your neighbors to do the same thing to further bring down the local population.

Invite Mosquito Predators

Introducing predators that feed on mosquitos can also help with the mosquito population. Bats, swallows, and purple martins all love to snack on mosquitos. Set up some bat houses and purple martin houses to attract them. You’ll enjoy watching these ariel aces as they dive and swoop at unseen insects that will be too busy trying to avoid being eaten to bother you.

Drop In Some Larvicide

If you have outdoor pets or live on a farm then it might not be possible to eliminate all standing water. In these cases, you should consider larvicide. These dissolvable pellets can be found at any hardware or gardening store. They use a natural larvicide that kills mosquito larvae but is completely safe for animals. Just one pellet can control mosquitos for a month.

Use a Mosquito Repellant

If you aren’t concerned about controlling the mosquito population and just want to avoid these bloodsuckers you can always go the easy route and cover yourself with mosquito spray. Mosquito repellants that contain DEET work exceptionally well and are great for visiting areas outside of your yard.

Hire a Professional

For effective and targeted mosquito control, call the pros at Elements Lawn & Pest. With our mosquito control program, you will receive monthly applications to keep the mosquito population down so you can enjoy your yard the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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