Lawn Care Programs

Over the years, the lawn care industry has developed chemical fertilizer and pesticide-based programs in order to “care for your lawn.” These programs work well in the short-term because they treat the grass plant itself, but they destroy the natural microbial activity in the soil, creating chemical-dependent lawns.

Hybrid Lawn Care Program

  • 6-step program designed to promote health and color, customized to your lawn’s needs*
  • Bio-nutritional products designed to enhance the quality of soil while weening your lawn from chemical dependency
  • Minimal chemical fertilizer and pesticide products, with advanced notice of application
  • Liquid program that develops healthy soil structure and gives grass deeper, healthier roots
  • Specific, targeted use of pesticides
  • Grasses chosen for the region’s weather and your lawn’s unique needs
  • Weed control, applied when necessary
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Proactive Lawn Care Program

Take a proactive approach and sign up for our Proactive Lawn Care Program to get ALL the benefits and services of our Hybrid Lawn Care Program, PLUS:

  • Proactive approach, addressing pest and fungal concerns before they become a problem
  • Lawn disease prevention and control
  • Nutsedge and Kyllinga weed Control
  • Grub and surface-feeding insect control
  • Reduced long-term water bills and chemical pesticides
  • If your lawn Is damaged by any of the above pests/problems, we will seed your lawn for FREE!

*Our 6-Step Complete HYBRID Program:

Step 1

March/Early April

Crabgrass preventer, entire lawn weed control, and an early season organic-based lawn fertilization treatment providing an early “green-up”. This is the most important step to preventing weeds all season.

Step 2

April/Early May

Biological application stimulating soil microbes, organic-based slow release fertilizer for a sustained green, spot weed control as needed.

Step 3

May/Early June

Summer plant bio-stimulant to strengthen the grass against insects and disease, spot weed control as necessary.

Step 4


Biological application stimulating soil microbes to reduce summer stress, organic-based slow release fertilizer for a deep green, spot weed control as needed.

Step 5

September/Early October

Soil enhancer allowing better water and nutrient uptake, organic-based slow release fertilizer for a sustained green, spot weed control as needed.

Step 6

Late October/ Early November

Organic-based winter lawn fertilization treatment to strengthen roots for the upcoming winter months.

Enjoy These Benefits!

  • Eliminate Crabgrass, Dandelions, Clover and more!
  • Organic fertilization reduces chemical-based fertilizers by half and chemical pesticides up to 70%!
  • Encourage beneficial insects, fungi, and bacteria that will help your grass flourish
  • Slow-release of nutrients promotes deeper roots with continuous nutrition
  • Thickened turf through drought- and pesticide-resistance grasses
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