Perimeter Pest Control Program

Insects Belong Outside, Hire An Exterminator

Your home is your sanctuary. The constant activity of daily life can leave you in need of a rest, and nothing ruins a restful moment faster than seeing a trail of ants in your kitchen or a spider in your bathroom. Get rid of ants, spiders, and other bugs with an exterminator who's just a phone call away!

What Is Perimeter Pest Control?

Perimeter Pest Control provides a barrier around your home that keeps insects/pests out. It’s a preventative measure for those who like to take a proactive approach. Our barrier pest control program uses natural products in combination with low-risk traditional products for maximum control and sustained prevention.

Perimeter Pest Control Program

During Each Quarterly Visit, You Can Count on the Following:

  • An Impenetrable Barrier That Keeps Pests Out of Your Home
  • Year Long Protection Insect Control
  • Treatment Will Be Made to the House Foundation, Window Sills, Shrubbery, and Soil
  • Even a Reduction in Mice, Voles, and Snakes!

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Stop worrying about the ants that are storming your baked goods. Life has enough distractions. Set up an estimate so you can rest easy in the impenetrable fortress you call home.

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