These supplemental services will address specific areas of concern about your unique property. These can be used in conjunction with any of our programs or individually for certain needs.

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

A machine is used to pull small plugs of grass and soil up from the ground in a process known as “core aeration.” This process reduces soil compaction, promotes movement of oxygen, water, and nutrients to the grassroots and reduces thatch accumulation. Immediately following the core aeration, we broadcast the appropriate seed blend across your lawn. The seed will fall into the core holes and germinate providing a thicker lawn. Large bare areas (greater than 4”) may require power seeding.


  • Better Flow of Oxygen, Water, and Nutrients
  • Improved Color
  • Improved Health
  • Stronger Roots
  • Reduced Thatch Accumulation
  • Excellent Results For Thin/Week lawns

Power Seeding

Also known as “slit” or “slice” seeding, power seeding utilizes a machine to slice into the turf while simultaneously planting new seed. This process drives the seed into the soil, where it needs to be. This process also “pulls” out accumulated thatch which is typically left on the surface of the lawn to protect the new seedlings. Excessive thatch will be removed. Power seeding is the best method to seed your lawn especially if the lawn is thin and weak.


  • Improves Color
  • Promotes Aeration

Hard Surface Weed Control

A non-selective weed control is applied to all weeds on concrete, asphalt, curbs, stone, and paved areas to maintain a clean and crisp curb appeal. Keep invading plants out of your driveway!


  • Weed Elimination

Tick Control Program

Lyme disease is becoming more prevalent with our expansion into more rural and natural areas pushing wildlife to their limits. Our exposure to ticks and the diseases they carry has increased. With our 100% natural tick control applications designed around the tick’s life cycle, we can gain control over this pesky problem. Protect your family and pets today, naturally!


  • 100% Natural Tick Spray for Your Yard
  • 8 Monthly Applications
  • Kills On Contact
  • Repels For 30 Days
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or We Will Retreat For FREE!*
*Our natural products are very effective. Some customers with severe pest pressure may require the use of traditional pest control products. We reserve the right to change products accordingly. Advanced notification will be provided.

Combine Services

Many of our services can be combined with our programs, giving your property the complete care that it needs. Just ask us how and we’ll let you know!


As someone who’s looking for a greener option for lawn care & exterior pest control, you probably have a lot of questions. We love to answer them! Contact Us Now to learn everything you want to know about our programs & services!