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Elements Lawn & Pest is Not for Everybody

Traditional lawn care methods blanket lawns with harmful long-term chemicals to provide short-term results. Find out how our Hybrid and Proactive Lawn Care Programs, designed to enhance your lawn while reducing chemical usage, will provide a thriving lawn for years to come.

As a locally-owned, family-run business, we live, eat, and sleep in the towns where we work. Keeping our community cleaner and safer is our number-one priority.

A thick, healthy lawn is possible!

Pioneering a New Way to Treat Your Lawn

Over the years, the lawn care industry has learned that lawns don’t thrive in an environment that is chemically enhanced.

Traditional lawn care methods treat the grass plant itself without any concern for the soil and the life within. By destroying the natural microbial activity in the soil, the industry was making lawns chemically dependent. This resulted in higher maintenance costs and greater environmental concerns.

Shield your family from mosquitoes.

A Safer Way

We provide environmentally safer options for lawn fertilization and weed control. We do that through the products we use and the process in which we apply those products.

We don’t blanket the property with weed killer. We take the extra time to find the weeds on the property, and then use the minimal amount of chemicals to target those weeds only, giving you a safer, weed-free lawn.


Our Focus

Our focus is to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used while still providing a healthy, weed-free lawn. That’s been the mission since day one.

It’s our commitment to thoroughly reducing chemicals that makes us stand out from the rest. We share your concern for the health of you, your family & pets, and your lawn. That’s why we offer our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you still see a weed after we serviced your property, we will retreat for FREE!

We’re the best choice for lawn care when you want a reduction in chemicals. It’s that simple.

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