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back into your lawn.

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Here at Elements Lawn & Pest, we promote RESPONSIBLE solutions to reducing pesticide use while enhancing your lawn and landscaping. Over the years, many customers have requested a lawn care program that will provide excellent results with minimal pesticide exposure to their familypets, and environment.

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A thick, healthy lawn is possible!

Lawn Care Programs

Traditional lawn care methods blanket lawns with harmful long-term chemicals to provide nice short-term results. Find out about our Hybrid and Proactive Lawn Care Programs, designed to reduce chemical usage while giving you a green and thriving lawn for years to come.

Boost your lawn and soil's health with aeration and overseeding.

Aeration and Powerseeding

One of the best things you can do to promote the overall health, growth, and beauty of your lawn this year is to aerate and overseed, or power seed. If you’ve seen thatch buildup, color changes, or brown/bare spots in your lawn, it’s time to aerate and overseed, or power seed.

pest control

Visit our sister company for all your pest control needs.

All services are guaranteed to meet your expectations! We do not charge for service calls should there be a need to repeat a service.


These guys are awesome!! Dorothy is always cheerful and helpful when you call. And they will go out of their way to make sure your lawn looks great! Thanks guys, I highly recommend!

Rob Worrick

Started using Elements this year. I was impressed by their professionalism. Unlike other services they keep me informed as to time and day of service, what was applied to my lawn, what potential problems may pop up. In the short time I have used them, I trust their judgment and feel they are honest in their evaluations, not just trying to to pad the bill.
P.S. My calls and/or emails have always been answered promptly and the lawn looks great.

Joseph Lindgren

Elements Lawn and Pest has done a super job with my lawn and doing everything they can to make me happy. With everything my lawn has needed, Mike and the office has made themselves available as soon as possible. My lawn is looking the best it ever has. I am very pleased with his services and highly recommend them.

Lawrence Finnegan

Our lawn wasn't doing so hot before we had Elements Lawn & Pest Service come. Our landscape designer recommended Elements, and we couldn't be happier with their service. Our lawn is green, free of weeds, and nearly mosquito free. Two green thumbs up from the Shumakers!

Janeen Papania Shumaker

This year we chose Element's Pro Active package and our lawn has never looked better.

Joan Manos

You can't get better quality lawn care services than this! All around fabulous company!

Shoshana Rebecca Rosenberg


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