Power Seeding: What It Is and Why You Need It

At some point, most lawns need some form of repair and restoration. Throughout the year, our New Jersey lawns combat a multitude of factors. The high summer heat, drought conditions, fungi, disease, and pests found throughout the region can quickly ravage the grass and soil. By the end of the summer, many property owners may start to notice visible signs of deterioration on their lawns. This is when power seeding your lawn becomes essential.

Power Seeding: When Aeration Alone Isn’t Enough

There are several proven methods that home and business owners can use to reverse damage and restore their yard to its former glory. For some yards, core aeration is often enough to prevent further property destruction. Using aeration to redistribute micronutrients, moisture, and sunlight can quickly reverse signs of wear and tear after the end of a long, hot season. 

Unfortunately, sometimes a traditional core aeration isn’t enough to rebuild a lackluster lawn. If you’ve already tried aeration, or have realized that your property is beyond the benefits offered from this practice alone, you may want to consider power seeding the yard. Power seeding is an extremely efficient and effective way to breathe life into struggling lawns and delivers several vital benefits to the turf and soil profile. 

What You Need to Know

As the name implies, power seeding requires the use of a power-seeding machine. This specially designed tool systematically cuts holes throughout the soil, dropping seeds directly into the divots. Unlike other methods that place seeds on the surface, power seeding allows for the seeds to have closer, more direct contact with the soil. Additionally, this lawn care method also leverages the power of over-seeding during the process. Over-seeding the property targets thin and bare patches, helping to reinvigorate sparse areas with thick, lush, healthy new growth. In a relatively short period of time, power seeding can begin to deliver noticeable, long-lasting results on even the most damaged areas of a property.

It’s important to note that power seeding is not a replacement for aeration. You should always aerate the lawn first to get it prepared for optimal seeding results. Most importantly, using power seeding is not only effective, but it’s also completely safe to use in the yard. The process will not harm or damage the lawn in any way. Instead, it helps strengthen and restore the turf, setting it up for future health and longevity. 

If your yard does require power seeding, you could manage the process yourself. However, renting or buying the necessary equipment is expensive. Working with a professional lawn care service provider is typically the most efficient, cost-effective way to power seed and ensure that you achieve the very best results possible for your lawn. 

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